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  • Ten-Year-Anniversary Party for JCLEON

    JCLEON was founded in 1999. At a temporary flat with tens of m2 in Haizhu District, Guangzhou City in 2000, JCLEON founder, Mr.Li Yangchun led a team with 8 people to create the business under rough situation. With challenging & innovation spirit, JCLEON passed several times of transformation, then rapidly developed. Nowadays, 10 years after start-up, JCLEON has become one of the best R&D centers and technology support centers in the world for professional audio products.

    Passing 10 years of rainy and windy days, with pride and expectation of all JCLEON people, JCLEON International Electronic Co. Ltd meets her 10th birthday, the special day in the splendid Autumn. In order to celebrate JCLEON 10th anniversary, we have physical games and 10th anniversary party. On this day, JCLEON industrial park is well decorated, full of joys and laughing. We all cheer up for her 10th anniversary.

    At 13:30, the 1st funny game starts up in the playground of JCLEON industrial park. 10 kinds of games are set up with segment of each department and workshop. Before the match, every team roars their own slogans to cheer up the teams, and the whole playground to the summit. Every player in each team stands by, like an arrow at loose. With the first judge whistle, match begins. 10 campaigns start by sequence, and most campaigns are set up to test team co-ordination and cooperation, such as 10 persons in 1 foot, table tennis relay, 2 men carrying 2 balls relay, tug of war, etc. The most exciting campaign is the tug of war game which may show the team spirit. Every team has own strong man, and is proud of themselves. The boiling ground heats up to the peak. We all think about which teams will go to the final, and who will be the champion. After several rounds of elimination contests, QC Department & Assembly Team meet together in the final match. Roaring & cheering voices are full of the ground. The final contest leads the atmosphere to the boiling point. After crude and hard play, QC warriors win the game under great pressure. At 17:30, after premium ceremony, the 1st physical game drops with strong background music of 'player march'.

    At 19:00, the 10th anniversary party starts, with participants of allJCLEON people and VIPs. In the beginning, board chairman Wu Yanhong and GM Li Yangchun, step on the red carpet under the guidance of charm girls. All applause for their Show-up. With a passionate chorus of 'singing the motherland', party officially Starts. In the chorus, we feel the strength of motherland, all stand up to join the chorus to sing the motherland, and all are very proud of development of the company. The chairman, Mr.Wu Yanhong, goes to the stage to address. Chairman Wu reviews the development of JCLEON, look ahead of the splendid future of JCLEON, and points the direction of the development. Chairman encourages all to unify together, to struggle for the very good JCLEON tradition and creation, to build the solid fundament for the booming up in the new era. GM Li Yangchun addresses with trembling heart. He says he receives hundreds of SMS, many of them from the former colleagues, they still remember JCLEON birthday even after the severance, and they miss JCLEON so much. GM Li Yangchun gratifies everyone who contributes themselves for the company development. The company development can't stand without all labors. In his speech, he Tells us the long-term spectrum of the board and the deep expectation to all JCLEON people in the 2nd phase for the enterprise transformation. His speech impresses us by the toughness of the carve-out of the company in 10 years, and deeply honors us for the great achievement in 10 years. It also makes us confident with the company transformation. In the evening, the extraordinary moment is to prize the outstanding persons with 'loyal Contribution'. In the past 10 years, many excellent JCLEON people contributed a lot to the company, shared the suffering and joys with the company, showed the spirit of strength, loyalty, ambition, and aggression. 33 persons are prized with Silver, Gold, Diamond 'loyal contribution'. When they go to the stage for premium, all people make applause for them, with respect, and salute.

    After the prize, it is time for entertainment which is prepared for more than a month by each department, including singing, dancing, talk show, soap show, poem, martial arts show etc with the interval of lucky prize which leads the atmosphere from one climax to another. All department employees chorus 'step into new era'. It shows beautiful future panorama and good hope to create marvelous career. Accompanying with 'happy birthday' music, 10-layers-cake is taken to the stage center, the chairman and GM light the candle, together cut off the cake and open a bottle of champagne. In the shining fireworks and thundering salute, all toss the glass, to wish JCLEON better future.

    With 'unforgetable evening' background music, JCLEON people gather at this night. In the stage by singer and dancer, lighting and laughing ocean, JCLEON enjoys her 10th birthday with a happy ceremony. Company and all players take the curtain call in the colorful stage under the 7-color fireworks, and luminated sky. Though evening show is over, people are so happy that not willing to leave, just like the songs are still beside ears and dances are still in front of eyes. Let it show up next year once again. We are willing to challenge the transformation to face the future with a heart of thanks-for-giving. Let's make the incredible next 10 years.